About blackWolf Technical

Who We Are

Founded in 2018 by Daniel Miller, blackWolf Technical is the culmination of years of experience between several experienced members of the local IT industry. Daniel is an Owensboro, KY native. Born and raised with a passion for all things technology, Daniel began his career in 2016 doing PC repairs and web design in the Tri-state area. He has since obtained a degree in Computer Information Technology from Owensboro Community and Technical College and is currently pursuing further education in this field through Western Kentucky University. Daniel is a Certified Computer Technician and has worked in centralized corporate IT for a company that is global in scale for 2 years.

At blackWolf Technical, technology is our passion. We understand that for many, the services we provide are absolutely essential to keeping your business running. In addition to performing our services, we always try to extend our knowledge and educate both administrators and users alike. We are a local business that is for the people and truly dedicated to customer satisfaction.